We take nutrition seriously!

A well balanced and nutritious diet is vital to a child’s development. Here at Twinkles our trained cooks prepare fresh, healthy, tasty and nutritious meals for the children daily. Our four weekly menus have been carefully put together, using the guidance provided by the British Nutrition Foundation to ensure we are providing a healthy, balanced and tasty diet. Your children will enjoy tasty home cooking for both dinner and tea as well as a range of healthy snacks. At Twinkles we are able to cater to any dietary requirements that your little one may have, and try to incorporate the wealth of cultures we have at nursery into our meals! We use local suppliers to deliver us fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

The children often help out by doing a spot of baking, making a colourful fruit salad for pudding or choosing their own toppings to put on the pizza. Children are able to choose from a wide selection for breakfast including toast, muffins, crumpets, cereal, and fresh fruit. We also have porridge and baby cereals for the youngest children. Our onsite chefs have all completed Allergen training and are happy to discuss any dietary requirements your child has.

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A selection of some of our home cooked meal’s
(and of our children enjoying them 🙂 )

“Children benefit from eating a healthy and nutritious diet. The nursery menus are freshly prepared and incorporate all food groups, including plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. In addition, the menus take account of all children’s dietary needs and allergies. Meal times provide a social experience for children and they offer good opportunities for them to be independent. For example, older children serve their own meals and staff encourage young children to feed themselves. This supports children of all ages to develop their self-care skills. In addition, children practice effective hygiene routines and develop an understanding of their own personal health needs. For example, older children routinely wash their hands throughout the day, while the younger children are reminded and supported with this task”

Ofsted 2018 

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